Because I love you (因為我愛妳)If I got down on my knees and I pleaded with you 如果我跪下雙膝向你祈求寬恕 烤肉If I cross a million oceans just to be with you 如果我橫越億萬個海洋只為與你相守 Would you ever let me 居酒屋down 是否你依然會讓我失望 If I climbed the highest mountain 如果我攀上最高的山峰 just to hold you tight 酒肉朋友只為了緊抱著你 If I said that I would love you every single night 如果說每一個孤單的夜,我都深愛著你 Would 東區燒烤you ever let me down 是否你依然會讓我失望 Well, Im sorry if it sounds kind of sad 嗯,抱歉這些話聽起來有東區居酒屋點傷感 Its just that I'm worry, so worry 只因為我很擔心 that youll let me down 你會讓我失望 Because 燒烤I love you 因為我愛你 I love you, love you 我愛你……… So dont let me down 所以別讓我失望 If I swam 酒肉朋友the longest river just to call your name 如果我游過最長的河流,只為了呼喚你的名字 If I said the way I feel 褐藻醣膠for you would never change 如果我說對妳的感覺永遠不變 Would you ever fool around 是否你會覺得被愚弄

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